About Us

Preparing children for tomorrow’s world using the best of both Montessori and traditional methodologies, providing a lifetime advantage.

The Children’s House is a Daycare, Preschool and Kindergarten that has provided a unique blend of Montessori and traditional learning methods to Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky-area children for over 25 years. We believe in fostering children’s natural curiosity and excitement while providing a unique curriculum to build the foundation for a lifelong love of learning.

TCH’s Unique Rotation Program Keeps Learning Exciting:

  • children rotate classrooms for each subject (temporarily suspended) 
  • classroom materials/themes rotate six times a year, per subject

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Green Cleaning

The Children’s House incorporates Green Cleaning Best Practices with a focus on process and products. Daily cleaning with EPA Registered Sanitizers made from 100% non-toxic and biodegradable ingredients, and weekly disinfection using cutting-edge Electro-Static sprayers to target pathogens wherever they hide are just a couple of the steps we’re taking to maintain a healthy and safe environment for your children.

**Due to COVID, we are currently cleaning with a hospital-grade virucide disinfectant.**

Caring for Infants to Completion of 5th Grade

Childcare – Infants
  • 6 Weeks to 12 Months, at select locations
  • Full Day
Toddler Programs
  • Ages 12 Months – 3 Years
  • Full Week & Part-Time Options
  • Ages 3 Years – 5 Years
  • Full Week & Part-Time Options
  • 5 Years Old by Sept. 30th
  • Full-Week, Full Academic Day
Before & After-School Care
  • Ages Kindergarten to completion of 5th Grade
  • —-
Summer Program
  • Open to All Area Children Up to the 5th Grade
  • —-

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Learning Pillars at The Children’s House

Critical Thinking

Solid foundation in number sense and problem solving in preparation for algebraic thinking. Helps students to ask questions, analyze, make connections and judgements, and find solutions in all academic areas as well as social situations

Early Engineering

Intentional integration of building activities throughout the earlier years leads to investigating of scientific principles and design thinking, introducing children to the basics of engineering

Ethical Leadership

Helping to provide a moral compass to guide children in every facet of their daily lives and to embrace empathy as they build leadership skills

Literacy Development

Through shared and individually-guided reading and writing, with targeted reading instruction and introduction into creative writing

Mindfulness And Virtues Programs

Interwoven in core Montessori teachings and values, with dedicated moments for awareness built into the day

Global Readiness

Interwoven in our Geography lessons, including units on Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish and Sign Language

Public Speaking

Confidence gained through age-appropriate speaking opportunities

Imaginations In Motion

Through Physical Education, dance and creative movement


Through dramatic play in small and large groups

Creative Expression

In the art studios, music centers and making spaces


Monday – Friday | 6:30am – 6:00pm