About Us

A Premier Early Childhood Education through Montessori and Traditional Methodologies, Providing a Lifetime Advantage.

Founded in 1995, The Children’s House educates children from six weeks old through kindergarten, with before/after-school care and an exciting summer camp. There are six Children’s House locations – Bridgetown, Delhi, Madisonville and Montgomery in Ohio, and Hebron and Union in Kentucky.

Through the expert and highly trained child care professionals at The Children’s House, children are exposed to interesting facts, concepts and experiences with a blend of Montessori and traditional teaching methods. Children rotate classrooms for different subjects and have the freedom to move and work within the classroom. They learn in both individual and whole group settings while gaining knowledge from hands-on experiences and teacher-led lessons. The Children’s House works diligently to provide the best of both worlds.

Our Montessori-inspired program is designed to provide multi-sensory learning adventures. The age-appropriate activities and materials give children opportunities to touch, investigate and discover. They provide opportunities to understand and bridge the connection from concrete to abstract thoughts.

Frequently changing themes bring excitement to the classrooms and engage the children instantly. While Montessori materials remain constant, new equipment and materials are set up in a beautiful and inviting way. Children can’t wait to explore them! Delving into a new topic of study with such enthusiasm and curiosity fuels a passion for lifelong learning.

Tuition Information

Tuition varies slightly at each location. Please see the location’s page on our site for rates.

Green Cleaning

Children’s House incorporates Green Cleaning Best Practices with a focus on process and products.  Daily cleaning with EPA Registered Sanitizers made from 100% non-toxic and biodegradable ingredients, and weekly disinfection using cutting-edge Electro-Static sprayers to target pathogens wherever they hide are just a couple of the steps we’re taking to maintain a healthy and safe environment for your children.

The Best of Both Montessori and Traditional Methodologies

The Children’s House offers a unique blend of both Montessori and traditional approaches to education. At the Kindergarten level, we focus on creating an environment that suites the age and needs of the child, while preparing them for the transition to the traditional school setting. Below are some of the components of each philosophy we incorporate in our teaching methods.


  • Views the whole child – cognitive, psychological, social and spiritual development
  • Child’s learning pace is internally determined
  • The child is an active participant in learning
  • Encourages internal self-discipline and intrinsic motivation
  • Movement around the room to explore is encouraged
  • Self-correcting materials / errors are part of the learning process
  • Specific places for materials reinforces a sense of order
  • Children are encouraged to teach, collaborate and help each other
  • Reality oriented / true experiences
  • Goal is to understand concepts and foster a love of learning


  • Same age and/or skill level grouping
  • Instruction and pace adapts to core curricula benchmarks
  • The teacher has a central role in classroom activities
  • Work because they have to and extrinsic motivation
  • Social development encouraged
  • Work is corrected by the teacher
  • Information is presented
  • Teaching is done by the teacher
  • Some role play and fantasy
  • Group learning / lecture based

Our Origins

Maria Montessori, the founder of the Montessori teaching method, named her first school Casa dei Bambini or “The Children’s House”.

Our founder, Karin Lyman, grew up in Cincinnati then spent two decades traveling around the world as a military spouse. She visited the world’s most famous landmarks and museums, took in the local cultures and was amazed by the multilingual abilities and cultural awareness of the fascinating people she encountered.

While living in Italy, Karin worked in a small Montessori school for a few years. It was there that she decided she would open a Montessori-inspired school when she returned home to Cincinnati, where she could use her own experiences to develop an interest in art, music, languages, travel and learning in young children.

In 1995, the first location of The Children’s House opened, bringing an innovative and exciting approach to the education of young children that blended the best of Montessori and traditional methods, with an added touch of excitement and fun. This combination proved to be exceptional.

Today, The Children’s House remains a local family-run business, consisting of six locations in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.  Over 10,000 children have begun their educational journeys ignited with a passion for learning that will stay with them for life.

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