Diversity & Inclusion

For 25 years, we have been teaching our students to look at the world with curiosity, appreciation and awe for all things: books, art, music, the natural world and most importantly, each other.  As we educate and care for the next generation, The Children’s House simply does not tolerate discrimination of any kind – including racism, bigotry, stereotyping and any other form of hatred.  We are committed to inclusion, and that means creating conditions where every single person who believes in inclusion is welcome within our schools.

In the field of early childhood education, we spend much of our time and energy cultivating children’s capacity for kindness and respect. In preparing our young children to be members of the human family, we must also offer them opportunities to celebrate all aspects of their identities.

Although we are very proud of our Geography program, originally developed for the sole purpose of building cultural awareness in young children so that they may grow up to be kind, open-minded and embracing of the beautiful differences between us all – we understand we have the ability and responsibility to do more.

We have begun to weave additional opportunities for cultural awareness, friendship and kindness into our daily routines in areas like crafts, music, and an expanded library of books that are culturally relevant and fun for our age group of children.  And below, there is a list of resources gathered from subject matter experts for parents to use to help children of all ages navigate the news and talk about the important topics of racism and injustice at home.

We are committed to hiring and enrolling all colors of the rainbow and most importantly, we are committed to listening, learning and helping children see the role they have to play in fostering equality and standing up against injustice whenever they see it.

Thank you for entrusting us in the care and education of your children,

The Children’s House Team