Special Events


The Children House teachers and administrators prepare special events throughout the year to enhance our students’ education and experiences.


• Prom
• Thanksgiving meal
• Flying Piglet Mini-thon
• Holiday programs: Fall photos, Falloween Celebration, Boo-rific, Leprechaun visits, Easter egg hunts, and Kindergarten Tea Party
• In-house guest presentations: The Cincinnati Opera, Family Fun Time, PT Reptile, Madcap Puppets, Crystal Clear Science, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra.
• Sport oriented activities – Superbowl Competition, The Children’s House Crosstown Shootout, Opening Day Activities, PGA competition, March Madness brackets
• Parent/Grandparent-led activities such as: Muffins with Mom, Tailgating with Dad, special presentations, reading to the class, participation in special events.
• After-school opportunities
• Rotating weekly and monthly themes